Meet the King of the day… ASK, CHAT, SHARE …perhaps you could be the next King.


What is King For A Day?

  • A chat app connecting users to a single community member, the King.

  • A new King is crowned every day at 10AM PST.

  • New chats can only be initiated with the day's King. Keep chatting with past Kings if both parties are interested.

  • Anyone can be King, we believe everyone has something valuable to share with the community.

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What do I do?

Come chat with a new King crowned every day. Keep chatting with past Kings that interest you. Sign up to become King, yourself.

Why would I want to be King?

In this day, not everyone gets a clear, focused opportunity to be the center of attention. I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.

What should I ask the King?

Whatever you would like! Ask the King for his/her opinion, a recommendation, maybe even some advice.

What makes a good King?

Good Kings are responsive, helpful, and cordial. Being King provides a platform to personally reach folks in the community. Have fun with it, meet people you normally wouldn't get a chance to interact with.